#CarQuiz Soixante Neuf blog: About cars from Soixante Douze

Yes, I will one day do a fantasy garage blog. I think discussing the content of someones ultimate collection of vehicles “come lottery win time” offers great insight into the mind of the average petrolhead. Without divulging too much about the composition of my personal fantasy collection I will say one thing: there will, and must, be a car from my year of birth. I can offer no pressing or compelling reason why this is the case other then: There must be a classic in my collection, why not make it one the same age as me? The vehicle will need to meet only these three criteria: 1. Manufactured in 1972 2. Very good condition 3. I must really really like it.

Wondering what vehicles qualify for the criteria above as far as I am concerned? This is my current shortlist:

1: Porsche 911 (Ölklappe)

Being a bit of a Porsche nut there must be a 911 in there. The ‘72 911 offers the cool feature of being uniquely identifiable by its right rear wing oil filling aperture only manufactured in this year.

2: Ferrari Daytona

Shoot me: I am susceptible to popular culture. Miami Vice is to a large extent responsible for programming me to like Ferraris and the Daytona sits right up there. A coupe please, in silver maybe?

3: DeTomaso Pantera

Big displacement Ford Cleveland V8 in that pretty mid-engined Italian shape. Just think how it must feel to turn on the garage light and see one of these babies standing there.

4: BMW 2002 Tii

No other reason than the fact that I really like 2002’s quite a lot and this particular one will allow me to casually throw in the words: “Kugelfischer Injection” into conversation.

5: Alfa Romeo Spider

I adore Spiders. Besides the great exterior look I just love the classic Alfa interior. With it’s large diameter dished wood steering wheel, magic wand gear lever and toggle switches it offers one of the best classic driving experiences in my opinion. Besides that, “Coda Tronca” sits right up there with “Kugelfischer Injection”…

6: NSU Ro 80

No, not just so I can make immature word gags about its Wankel engine configuration. The NSU sits in a neat lists of vehicles that offered engineering well and truly ahead of its time (yes, I’ll blog about this list later) and I’d love to use it in everyday life.

7: Morgan +8

Admittedly every person born in the 20th century can broadly aspire to own a +8 from his or hers year of birth, but this is truly a timeless vehicle. The V8 soundtrack is just the finishing touch.

8: Ford Mustang Mach 1

I’ll have an orange early ‘72 Super Cobra Jet please and I’ll take it out at night with the express purpose of scaring the living daylights out of unsuspecting Prius drivers.

9: Datsun 240 Z

I know Japanese classics are very fashionable right now but I’ve always been a huge “zee-car” fan. The 260Z from #CarQuiz 8 lives right around the corner from me and I love it to bits.

10: Peugeot 504 Coupe

Todays #CarQuiz Peugeot 504 Coupe is just such a classy and pretty shape and it has this fantastic air of practicality around it. When are French car manufacturers going to find the Mojo to make cars like this again?

Any cars I missed from 1972 that must be on my shortlist? Do you have your own “year of birth favorite”? Please leave your feedback in the comments!


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