#CarQuiz 100 out of 7 correct answers is won by @JvanBiljon . Well done! Answer: Maserati Bora.

Statistics for the 100th edition of #CarQuiz below the Bora pic!





Most wins in #CarQuiz:

@Spatie_be: 10, @P2BS: 9, @Rallystar944t: 7, @BenGooding93, @DeGideon & @ErikPras: 5, @JoeriMertens, @NickStafford and @PieterA: 4. Well done all of you!

Top external picture contributor to #CarQuiz so far:

Toprope: 22, @Spatie_be & @P2BS: 8, Porsche968CS.be: 6, Mattias__o: 5, PieterA: 4

Most used brands in #CarQuiz:

Porsche 8%, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Ferrari 7%, Lancia and Aston Martin 6%, Maserati 4%

Countries of origin of cars in #CarQuiz:

Italy 33%, Germany 18%, UK 17%, France 12%, Japan 8%, Sweden and USA 6%

Types of car in #CarQuiz:

Sportscars 47%, Coupes 15%, Saloons and Supercars both 7%


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