A message from @CarQuiz regarding changes to the #CarQuiz publishing schedule. <– Please read.

Dear CarQuiz players,

The more observant amongst you will no doubt have noticed that CarQuiz service levels have not been up to scratch lately. The reason for this lies in the fact that I have been busy working on a new job opportunity. Now that it seems this quest has been successful, turns out I will be spending even more time on the actual job! All very tedious info; I know. Unfortunately this new reality will affect the way CarQuiz is run.

The primary change to #CarQuiz and the CarQuiz.eu website will be that I wil no longer guarantee a daily CarQuiz, nor will I be publishing/ re-Tweeting/ announcing winners on set times. From next week I will publish new quizzes as and when quality content becomes available and I will announce a winner at the first convenient moment after 24 hours of publication of the quiz.

CarQuiz is a source of enjoyment for me and hopefully for many more out there. I especially enjoy the interaction with those of you who are active players and submitters of the awesome pics used for the quizzes. I am looking forward to many more episodes whilst on this rather more laid-back schedule.



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