CarQuiz 41: The doors they are a-sinking

So a pop-up headlight is a pretty cool feature for a car in my book; that much is clear. Those who disagree: it’s fine really. Those who are right: good to have you on my side.

So, did the demise of the upwardly mobile headlight leave the automotive landscape completely devoid of any interesting design features? Well if you purvey the dreariness that surrounds one in any given traffic situation on the public road today you can be forgiven for thinking so. However: trust CarQuiz to refresh your memories of those design gems that may have temporarily slipped your mind while you were staring desperately in the ever-glowing brake lights of that Hyundai in front of you at the traffic lights.

A school example of generating massive interest in a car model by introducing interesting design gimmicks must be the BMW Z1. From a long list of original design items THE stand-out feature of the car is the door construction. The doors open by sinking into the sills thus creating both the option to get in comfortably, as well as being able to drive the roadster “oldschool stylee” with apparently no doors in place. Cool? Undeniably so.

Still not convinced? The BMW Z1 was designed by a team led by Dr. Ulrich Bez, Currently CEO of Aston Martin. Much more importantly though, this is the very same man that led the design of both the Porsche 968 AND 993. Now, that ought to settle it.